Monday, January 01, 2007

The Year to 007

Since Hem's tagged me, here's my stuff on "goodbye '06 and hello '007":

Being Bloggy: I still remember the good old days when I weighed over a 100 kilograms and wore glasses having the thickness of two coke bottles. I used to maintain a journal then for my deep, dark and morbid thoughts of exercising resolutions and planning Operation: Diet. And then along comes Blogger and Hem's bloggy. I was smitten, bitten. And here you are!

My Pixies: I seem to be getting used to having my cousins, kuku and deol, unwind me at the end of almost every week. A Sunday spent with these two forever-energized-thingies is enough to get me rolling the next week. Kuku is the very image of an angel, all responsible, all curious questioning, neat and innocent. Whereas, Deol is a little Puck, 101% devil-may-care attitude, harbringer of trouble, having the penchant for jumping headlong into any situation and a glass-full of mischief (today, he got my right-hand thumb super glued to my palm. Thankfully the glue was local made and hence not so super duper)

A Sense of Closure and Justice: Usually, year ends always leave me incomplete in terms of world politics. But this time, since the last week or so of December, the legal hammer has been coming down hard all over the world. I must admit that it has gotten me all warm and fuzzy inside (regarding the Jessica case, the child killers in Noida being caught, Indian justice putting politicians behind bars and Saddam dead). Now can some one do us a service and just hit Bush on the head.

The Purpose of My Existence: This should have happened years ago while I was doing my degree in the middle of the desert aka American University of Sharjah. While taking philosophy courses with Prof. Dale Holt, we hormonally charged zombies were introduced to some readings from Ayn Rand. Unfortunatley, I must have been off in a dream world thinking up stuff to impress my secret crush aka peter parker style. Fast forward to the coming of Rejoy to Bangalore -> getting hold of the fountain-head -> and finally colliding with Ayn Rand's "For the New Intellectual" which broke the last of my smallness and instilled in me the superiority complex. Go figure!

A Dream is Born: Hate to admit this but the peak point of my hey-days was while I was in the tenth grade, topping the school and all. After that, it was all down hill through the next two grades and even college, living the life of the wandering seeker searching for something to pour my passion into. Starting a career in the software industry left me frustrated with working on Microsoft technologies, a thing I had vowed not to do since my college days. I had always figured that I would work in the open source industry in one way or another. But help has finally arrived on that front in the form of Uttara Infosolutions. My friend Sampath reminded me once that in a Bollywood movie, it just takes one song's duration for the hero to practice hard and win the race/exam/girl/job/whatever. For me, it might be six months of training with regard to my career and approximately the same for some other pet projects which are on my mind. Stay glued onto this blog for more. If that option scares the be-jesus out of you then come back after a year or so :)

Happy Feet: When this movie came out, I was overwhelmed by all the rave reviews it was getting. So I walked to my favorite video store and demanded that I be provided the same. "Sorry! Gone out!" was what they muttered. And thus began my daily, one kilometer pilgrim to the place only to be turned back every day for three quarters of a month. Mine was one pair of feet which was definitely not happy until I, on one glorious day, laid my greasy hands on the damned thing and took it home. Hurray! I got my joy again.

I hereby tag Ajai, Arnab, Breanden, Dinoop, and Ramnath. Happy New Year 2007 to one and all!

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