Tuesday, October 01, 2013

We need this election option

We have come to a stage where any movement from any politician is thought to be a deliberately calculated political move. Notice the slant of the word "political" in the previous sentence. It automatically a search for power and thus profit.

Now power by itself isn't such a bad thing. Justice without power is weak but power without justice is violent. And this is exactly what BJP and Congress look like. The former is violent and the latter is weak.

But I digress. Suppose Rahul was in fact making a political move by opposing the right for criminals to rule us. In that case, I would say, more power to him. It would have been worse if someone hadn't said anything about it at all. I frankly don't care much for Modi but if he had raised the same point as Rahul, I would have given him his due. Am surprised that we have reached such a state of pessimism that we automatically analyse the motives of others who make points like these but we don't ask questions about the points themselves. Instead of wondering why Rahul is asking this question late, a more appropriate question is, why is the choice for not voting any of the candidates in the election, late in coming?

To make matters worse, every time we get a glimpse of Parliament in session, we cringe at the scene of our leaders barking like misbehaving children who want to oppose each other for the sake of opposing. Present mistakes of one side are compared with past mistakes of the other. And that finishing line of cacophony is reached when the session is adjourned.

I would like to tell our leaders that we are not paying them to watch their silly drama. What you say to each other, do on your own time. Why we pay our taxes is for you to govern us. And deep inside we know that you cannot govern us when you cannot conduct yourself with a minimal form of decency. For eg, let the other person finish speaking before you howl your views out. You are all senior citizens for gods' sake. Act like it. And don't let me get started on why you senior citizens are still sitting up there.

And after all is said and done, we as human beings are ready to forgive you anything if you can clean up your act once and for all.

In some ways, being under British oppression was better cause we were united towards the common goal of freedom even though we didn't agree on how to achieve it. Today, it is like we traded our British oppressors for new indian ones. And we have had more than enough.

We don't want criminals ruling us. We don't want those who sit quietly and fan the flames of anti-communalism. We don't want those who sell the minerals of our lands for personal profit. We don't want murderers sitting on elected seats. And we don't want you to ask us to vote for you with that shameless smile on your face that hides a rotting soul that won't make amends.

I vote for the choice to not vote any of the above candidates. Bring it!