Monday, January 22, 2007

Bangalore Gets Saddamized

And I thought that it was all over with the hanging of the dictator at the end of 2006. But that was not to be the end of the matter!

I wonder who got the idea of marking out a protest against his death here in Bangalore. Its true, that America had no right to interfere in the execution of a non-citizen but that doesn't mean that Saddam didn't deserve getting his sentence. And if there was some way to give full justice to the people murdered under his reign of terror, he should have been subjected to the torture he had given so freely to his own people.

And what happened to the city which I have fell in love with three years back? While India is trying to take control over itself and drive its own economy, some assholes decide to take Bangalore to the stone-age.

The warm up started in Ulsoor yesterday where its residents had to hole up in their homes while they watch protesters destroy their property and vehicles. And this is a sequel to the Friday Shivajinagar protest cum excuse-to-violate-freedom. The police arrive with the same speed as they do in the movies. Which is after the rioters have had their share of fun. That's understandable given the cop's bulging bellies and bribe-filled pockets. Several public transport vehicles such as autos and buses were torched to liven up the celebrations. When the police finally summon up enough courage and open fire to break up the mob, they end up killing an 11 year old boy.

Of course, no crisis is complete without listening to our beloved politicans' take on the issue. The RSS state secretary, Prabhakar Bhatt, blamed the situation on the Congress and that they were trying to de-stabilise the BJP. The Congress leader, C.K. Jaffer obviously felt insulted and declares that he is ready to be punished if found guilty.

It does not matter who is to blame. You who have taken upon yourself to serve the country, should do something about it. America and Britain have ruling and opposition parties in their government but they always unite when their country is attacked by foes from within or without.

Here, the trouble seemed to have spread to several other areas like Bharatinagar, T G Halli, K G Halli, Frazer Town and even the quaint Commercial Street.

As for me, I ended up not being able to catch a bus from my place to anywhere. The bright side was having to walk my former colleague and one of my best friends, Sampath, for around 3 kilometers to the nearest available bus stop in Marathahalli from Brookfields (where his company, and my ex-workplace, SRIT is located and which is quite close to my home).


Parul said...

Indians have loads of free time I guess...
I came across this article the other day about how a group of NGOs was not happy about the fact that there weren't many participants in their protest rally against the Nethari killings. They went on to charge the Upper Middle Class of the country as indifferent to the grievances of the poor!
I want to ask what purpose wuld blocking busy roads at the wee hours of the day serve???
Why do v hav to act like holigans and samaritans at the same time?!!
Someday mayb, ppl realise the futility of it all...mayb then, it'll b a different place altogether...

Roshan R said...

sigh. it never ends, does it ?
a few months here in mangalore had the same crap..that was even dumber cos it was over a couple of cows ( )this too was really dumb esp since the hanging was last dec!!!! some ppl just enjoy it, i guess!!!

shammu... said...

Its totaly outrageous!!!dumb people!!i wonder where 'knowledge' and 'education' is taking people to??