Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Give Windows XP the Mac OS X Makeover

I have always had a thing for Apple ever since they released their operating system Mac OS X. Their attention to detail for their products like Mac OS X, iMac, PowerBook, iPod, iShuffle and the recent iPhone has only made me more fixated on getting my greedy hands on all of them. But since that's a slightly distant dream, I thought I could atleast give my current operating system a makeover. A few years back, this would have involved downloading a lot of software from various parts of the Net (Believe me, I have been there). Not so now. Just get yourself FlyAKiteOSX which will do the job of turning your old crow of a Windows XP into a smooth looking OS X. Brace yourself for a possibly lower system performace unless your PC is fast enough to handle it.

(Here are some screen-shots from my PC. Click the pics to zoom in)

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