Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Of Deep Breaths and No Sighs

Out of control is the mind which I walk.
It get itself out of its door,
taking with it hinges and all.
I cannot hold it anymore.

Thinking up soothing thoughts,
or fantasies, numbered to the endless.
Keeps it at bay for what seems like something fleeting;
returns the soul to another round of everlasting torments.

Pull it in and throw it out of the heart,
a rhythm which does not soothe.
The cycle does not break or show signs of fatigue,
will this be the beginning of doom?

What brought life with it,
comes to me and I grasp the air in my body.
The void is stretched and the mind is focused
and then let open the flood gates to exhale slowly.

Thus has freedom come
with the smaller price of what was born with us
and a larger one of accidental knowledge.
Peace has arrived. To me it finally does.

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