Saturday, May 24, 2008

just eat it

In a perfect world, plastic bags would rot like banana peels. Seems like utopia's closer than we thought. A teenager from waterloo did just that by discovering a bunch of plastic munching bacteria.

Friday, May 23, 2008

wrong again

Raise your hands if you don't have a mobile on you. What? You all have two each? Must be for each of your ears then. Multitasking and all that...

But what i really want you to raise your hands for is if you are using a lousy mobile phone operator. Since coming to bangalore, i have had the chance to try out several of them.

In the beginning, i was young and naive. So i opted for vodafone (then known as hutch). More as if i was dragged into it since a relative of mine was using the service and he had me sign up for the same. The experience was nice. Orange clad pretty people providing good service at the hutch centers. What more could one stare at... i mean, ask for? After the initial honeymoon period, i noticed that the range used to go out whenever i entered places with roofs over my head. I had to acquire ancient kungfu stances so that the range icon on my mobile would show even a dot. Somehow, i thought that this problem was normal and that mobiles where still lagging behind wired phones. Like i said, i was young then.

After growing up overnight, i changed the service to bsnl. Now, bsnl is one of the oldest operators around and i thought it would have not have any problem providing coverage since it has had enough time to be everywhere. What i didn't expect was finding out that the local bsnl relationship center was filled with grumpy people with no knowledge of any office manners whatsoever. And to add injury to insult, i got my first expensive phone bill. Yikes!

After a few months of this, i sheepishly got back to hutch and bore along with it during its transition into vodafone (vada phone anyone?). And that's when it happened. I was looking to get myself broadband and airtel came knocking at my door as soon as they laid a line near my place. Great service and great technology. Hmmm... this honeymoon didn't show any signs of ending, i thought to myself after trying it for around two months. So i ditched vodafone for the second time. Well, technically i threw away hutch first and then vodafone later but don't let me get you snagged in the details. Quickly, got myself an airtel number and so far, the ride has been great. I miss making my weird kungfu stances though. Or at least my friends do...

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Runaway bride.
She was scared to say goodbye.
So she changed her number,
and conveniently "forgot" to inform her lover.

And i said "NEXT!!!"

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The End of the Rainbow

I realized something. I knew it before but i REALLY get it now after (and currently) going through with it. And that is: when you are trying to learn/do/get something, things or people stand in the way. Now, we can stand here and argue forever why it happens so. One reason might be that people like you as you are and don't want you to change. Or that obstacles, like mountains, are there just because they are there. But in the end, they are just there to make you sure whether you want something real bad or not. If you don't, you will fall by the wayside. But if you want it real bad, why give a damn about the things that stand in the way of you and the end of the rainbow?