Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Little B.O.B.

Nope. I am not talking about some guy named bob but do say hello to my theory initialized by B, O and B again. You might have had one of those days when some friend of yours (or maybe you but I would not want to put it that way since you might get offended... oops) is going on and on about some side they are taking on an issue. For example, is it nature or is it nurture which decides the development of a child? And they/you press on, quote the authorities, shout themselves hoarse, spit in the opponents face and do all that can be done to make the other party believe you. And sometimes its not so much that the others believe what we say as much as we trying to convince ourselves of the principles we have chosen to live by.

There is something going for debates. That you can actually intimidate others by presenting facts is some new kind (or the ever old tradition) of tactical warfare, is something which I call uniquely unique. And what any woman would immensely relish... I can almost hear them smacking their lips in anticipation ;). I remember that the very mention of the word "debate" used to freeze my blood in my halcyon school days. It always summoned up images of violence and gore. As if the contestants would at any moment just jump from the stage and at each others' throats while I could have participated as the active audience with popcorn in hand. Unfortunately that didn't ever happen otherwise we would have borne witness to our forefathers mode of resolution management which is "might is right" (is it me or is some types of related world politics scenario still in the dark ages? Clue: BUSH fire).

To cut to the chase, what I am trying to say is that the answer usually lies in embracing both options and suspending judgment. A little Bit Of Both (and from henceforth referred to as bob courtesy my-lazy-fingers). So, to the question of Nature/Nurture? bob! Creation or Evolution? bob! God or Nothing? bob or another bob! Love or Lust? Definitely BOB! Murder or... ah ah aah. And of course like any good theorists, I must know when to make the exception. So, next time you get to an argument, see if this works for you. If it doesn't, to hell with it, write to me, or we could go out for coffee to argue between bob and... any other three lettered acronym you want to throw at me.

PS: I would like to take a moment here to pray that the soul of Bob Woolmer rest in peace. If he was murdered, let justice be carried out against those who dared to lay their hands on the life of a teacher and a human being. Over and out...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Get Moving to Blow up Your Mind

Study shows that the ever exercising jock is actually the best potential nerd-to-be. Here's another excuse to get/remain fit.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its Time To Give A Damn

Sometimes, one of your friends/acquaintances gives you their inattention when you are talking to them(assuming that you are not speaking something obviously stupid ;). This happens due to one of the following reasons:

1. Something else is on their mind.
2. They are playing power games with you.
3. They think you below their "status"

You can make out its case (1), if he/she immediately apologizes and asks you to repeat what you were saying. The story continues and case closed. Case (2) means that he/she thinks that one way to enslave you is to make you crave for their attention. If they give less of it, you want it even more. And case (3) is similar to case (2) except that your supposed friend actually believes that you are not worth it. Here's the best way to handle 2 and 3: Ignore them for a change. This sends out the message that you too can be hard-to-get and you do not need to be with people who either give a damn or don't. And don't get hung up over it. Move on. Its time to get yourself real friends.

PS: The same can be said for people who want to get your money, stab you in the back, don't pick-up/return your phone calls, talk negative shit and leave you bleeding after you have been there for them, as long as you had known them. That's when you know that its time to tell them goodbye.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What Are We About?

After spending time with Ajai yesterday, on what would have normally been a slow Sunday for me, it reminded and confirmed the fact again to me of how important goals are for living a fuller life. My friend's passion to fulfill a certain ambition of his was an inspiring testimony to just how we need that extra anchor in our lives besides having a family to love and good friends to cherish.

I guess the goal doesn't matter as long as it has a personal significance to your own yours truly and become what we want ourselves to be, on our own terms.

Makes it easier to jump out of bed, early in the morning too...

PS: While Ajai was making his "great escape" from Orkut, he forgot to rescue the testimonial I had written for him. So here it is, the upgraded version:

Ajai is Mr. .NET :-). He is very interested in programming and will write a lot of useful/useless applications in C# just for the fun of it. I remember him jumping up and down when he was trying out the new .NET development IDE of Visual Studio 2005.
When he was my neighbor, we used meet over at his residence on a regular basis to watch loads of Popeye, Richie Rich and Tom-and-Jerry shows if there was no Jackie Chan movie running :-)
We share a lot of similarities, one of which is the rare commonality that both of us won't have anything to do with cricket. "Run Ajai! They are picking up stones to throw at us!!!"

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Honeymoon Travels

This hindi film surprisingly clicked for this hopless and optimistic romantic. Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby present you the Not-Fair-Too Awards (Name changed due to copyright reasons)

The Krish Award goes to Abhay Deol and Minissha Lamba. Great chemistry, idealism and red-caped costumes.

Best Realistic Couple Award goes to Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi. For an excellent, all round, power packed, softened in a silk glove performance.

Most Entertaining, Opposites Attract Couple Award goes to Kay Kay Menon and Raima Sen. KK played to perfection the role of a stuckup husband until a bottle of coked-coke gets him loose. But the unexpected package was Raima. She sizzles at letting down her raven black hair, naughty bedroom tricks and martial arts. Go girl!

Typical Aggressive Hero and Submissive Heroine Award goes to Arjun Rampal and Dia Mirza. The guy is in your face, tough as nails. The girl's in god's face, mumbling request after prayer request and cries herself rivers on demand.

Most Irritating in a Sweet Way Award goes to Amisha Patel. Cute in the way mouse Jerry is.

Really Gay Couple Award goes to *Censored*. No comments ;)

Tough as Nails But Spunky Award goes to Sandhya Mridul. Its not easy to put up with being cheated on. Even harder when it happens twice.

Best A$$-h*** Award goes to the guy playing Dia Mirza's husband. Post Arjun Rampal, gets him relegated to being the ex-hubby.

Best Soundtrack Award goes to Sajani Vaari Vaari. A very groovy and funky number. I couldn't help my legs going out of control. Click on play to get the hint:

Warning!!! Music is catchy but gets SCRATCHY at the end. Lower volume @ 1:22 minutes

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Will to Go On

Throw me some of your stares,
mixed with disdain and scathing reviews
Would i give a damn or show some care?
Its like diamonds meeting the morning dew

In the end its me to be answered to
not another heart which beats semi-silent within
Even conscience i spit at, its protests noting nothing new
old as me is its tired, grotesque and guilt colored prism

Dig out the rotting caracass,
from the ancient grave of my soul, with passion
The tree bears fruit no longer, its all a farce
And the fire, its roots and leafless limbs, shall gather and ashen

The lessons of the giants are plain and simple
Just climb up and stand on the top mosts' shoulder
Lookout to see whats they have seen and treasured
Be open and ready to be the foundation of another

Propel the soul and the harley's motor,
since the highway's clear and the sky's not so blue
Then stick out the leather jacket collar
and ride into the inevitable storm thats always waiting for me and you


Wimbledon. I don't want to waste my time hinting at the plot. Its worth the mention because it has a lot going for it. The old under-dog comeback, Kirsten Dunst playing the muse, family/friendship/love/business/(fill in your favorite relationship) ties getting fixed (we are speaking of all types of permutations and combinations here like father-mother, father-son, between-brothers, between-friends, bf-gf, tennis-star--ball-boy, client-agent, and the list goes on), hero-defending-heroine's-honor, the guy-n-gal's great paparazzi escape, the ever reliable British humor (Here's a sample. Bad guy Jake : "I tried to warn you about her. By the way, how's the weak back?" Cool dude Peter: "It's fine. Thanks. How's the weak mind?"), and one memorable/sticky soundtrack (This Year's Love).