Thursday, July 26, 2007

why i dont answer my mobile phone calls these days

1. telemarketing calls: i got so tired of calls trying to sell me credit cards, loans, country club memberships, and better post-paid plans that i quote this as the number one reason. Its also an easier way of saying "no"

2. wrong numbers: this is kind of irritating. Some of these callers don't know english either and they tell me they want to talk to somebody with some random name. Imagine my surprise when a small subset of these privacy intruders used to actually get angry when i replied that it was a wrong number. One guy was rude to the point of swearing to which I calmly replied "up your's, buddy"

3. friends: i don't really mind them calling but they usually start the conversation with the inevitable "what's up?" question and i wonder what that means. I mean, i do know what that means, but where do i start? It gets more embarrasing when they ask me where i am working and i have to say some shit like "i am studying" or "not working dude" and they naturally start giving me unwanted advice. Oh well! "Hang in there, guys... have to get this job thing fixed before i get back to you"

4. God: so that i can be my mischievious self, ofcourse. Being the All-Knowing and All, He/She/Thing usually calls me right in the middle of my favorite naughty past-time and start quoting the Bible/Koran/Veda/etc. Relax Dude! Its live and let live down here. But i am sensible enough to send an sms occasionally: "i am alive and kicking, thank You very much... and see You on sunday!"