Saturday, January 13, 2007

De-toxing the Mind

There are some moments when you suddenly feel that you got a glimpse of the much talked-about state of nirvana. One such case was when I made the accidental discovery of the value of breathing. The sense of barely staying alive while we go about our daily business is the very opposite of my enlightening experience. What I am talking about is that taking in deep and lung-full pockets of oxygen actually results in a sense of non-attached calmness. I almost felt myself sprouting wings and flying off to my own version of the pearly gates. And I had fun applying this to various cirsumstances especially when people were trying to climb on my head and help me either tear my hair out or paint it grey.

And to force myself to remember this little gem of a find (and being totally geeky about it), I made myself an orkut community to be cool all the time.

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