Thursday, May 31, 2007

In Your Face(book)

U moan: "Oh no! Not another online community to join! Seems like rejoy has nothin better to do than send these damned requests to orkut-like websites. Humph!"... And if u'r a girl: "Yeah right! Another place to get flooded with annoying messages from losers"... well... nope nope nope... thats the beauty of facebook... allow me to list a few of its advantages... not just anybody is allowed to message you; only those who are in your network or those who are already friends with you can do so... if that doesn't satisfy you, you can also adjust the privacy settings to satisfy your own degree of paranoia... and the interface is more sexier and closer to google's philosophy (hmmm... google should have bought facebook rather than orkut, but that's another story...). so there u go! now all u have to do is sign urself up on FB and bring urself closer to me :)

PS: if u want to do more r&d before u signup, here's the link.

Tabbed Windows Ahoy!

Tired of all the multiple instances of windows explorer you have to open up everytime you have to drag and drop a thingy from one folder to another? Fed up with waiting for another new explorer window to open up while you tap your mental feet in frustration? Feel like pulling your hair out (or bang you head against a wall, if you're a baldy), when you find it hard to locate the particular explorer window in red alert situations similar to those movie moments where the hero has to snip a particular colored wire off the time bomb, seconds before it goes off? (yawn)... alright already!!!

Time to get your hands-on/cursor-to ExplorerXP. Basically, it has tabbed browsing which makes it easier to open/use multiple instances of explorer (similar to the firefox browser and the new internet explorer, which has the equvalent tabbing for surfing the web).

If you're (still) running Windows XP, go get this neat freeware for yourself.

PS: Its been a long time since I posted anything. And my little sis' bugging me to post somethin on my blog has finally paid off ;)