Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mending Shattered Glass

Hush, little one. Don't be afraid.

They have broken you
but to mend, I will help.
Your trust they have broken
but I am here to give you what they have taken.

You believed but was betrayed.
You loved but was lusted.
Here, here my child.
Do not hold back.

Look into my eyes.
What do you see?
You see the reflection of yourself,
I will be pure to stain you not

Fear not my arms.
Where as other limbs had violated you,
I will wash you clean.
Protect you, redeem you, hold on to me.

Put your little finger in my hand,
we will walk together.
I will teach you to have faith.
Put love in you, so that you will give love again.

let those sweet dimples arise.
Let your face light us up,
And enlighten this dark, wicked world.

Grow, mature, be strong.
Do not look down on yourself.
Let your sorrow be the comfort of those
who have felt what you have undergone.

We will fight this abuse together.
Scatter away the seeds of evil.
Without fear,
we will tell them:

"Do not be animals, oh humans.
Learn what real love is and that to the children give.
we trust in the Mighty One to avenge us,
but we pardon you for our own souls' sake"

Peace, peace my child
Rest silently.
You have done all you can with what is given you.
Be sure that, at last, Heaven will be your reward.

And I will be waiting for you there too.

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