Monday, February 05, 2007

One Wedding Reception and Almost a Funeral

I got to meet Denny yesterday for his sister's wedding reception in Bangalore. For the uninitiated, Denny was at first, my father's friend's son. Later we claimed each other as friends too. So, it kinda becomes "like fathers, like sons" ;).

The reception was at around 7 in the night. I hop around, clutching my gift and waiting for Denny to show up. After some time, an old man shows me his wedding invite, particularly pointing to the section "No bouquets or gifts, please". He has this wide grin on his face which I (being in one of my impatient and pessimistic moods at the moment) decodes into "I am gonna get myself a free dinner unlike you, sucker!". Now I am hoping mad, not for spending my money, but wondering how I would give the gift. Tube light! I will give it to Denny, I say to myself and I cool down. Ofcourse, I stay as visibly cool as James Bond the whole time.

Finally Denny arrives and we do the whole "hey buddy" thing. I push my wedding present to him telling him of my situation and he accepts it. He asks me to enter the reception hall. Guests and I do the waiting game. And then IT happens. The bride and groom waltzes in. We all clap. Some of us let our cameras go click.

Fast forward the toast, family introductions, Denny's singin' a wonderful song, meeting the bride and groom on stage, and finally the part where we stuff ourselves with food. Before I meet Naveen and Dessy, however, Denny tells me that its okay for me to present the gift to them. He hands me what I had given him and I present it to the happy couple. Naveen tells me that it was not necessary (just like the invitation card read) but I assure him that it wouldn't happen again (Right! Like he's gonna get married a second time :). During dinner, Denny and I catch up on what we are doing and I explain to him that I am having a blast in my current state of unemployment so he shouldn't worry about me.

And by the end of the show, its 10.30 pm and I am having second thoughts on going home using public transport. So I call up my uncle Simon and asks him whether I can come and stay over for the night. He says okay.

Denny's family is kind enough to drop me near some showroom in koramangala and I start running the minute I see a huge rectangular piece of metal on rubber circles sporting the number 164. Pant pant pant... and I jump aboard the bus. Somehow I get to my uncle's and go to sleep after the customary half hour chit-chat with my aunt and uncle.

... and then this post spills over to today.

Nothing eventful except the fact that I tried to save a drunk man from a looming crane-sorta-vehicle. He looks at me and tells me its okay, pries himself away from me, places himself unsteadily in front of the mechanical beast and starts waving around like a forlorn white flag declaring surrender. The driver has enough sense to slowly back away and drive the huge thing around the drunk. I just couldn't help feeling amused.

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