Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Real Big Boss

While I used to work at SRIT, I had the privilege of having Mrs. Shefali Bhalala as my supervisor. She taught me the value of perfectionism and rigorous software testing.

Once I met her and her hubby while I was shopping at Ragam supermarket in AECS layout. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hello Shefali!
Shefali (surprised): Oh! Hello Rejoy!
Me: I guess you shop here too.
Shefali: Yes I do. Here's my husband.
S's Hubby (comes over and extends his right-hand to me): Hello!
Shefali: This is Rejoy. He works in SRIT with me.
Me (shakes hand): Nice to meet you. Actually, Shefali is my boss at work.
Shefali smiles
S's Hubby (warmly looking at his wife): She's my boss at home, you know?

We all burst out laughing.

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