Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Anti-Climax

The scene: one of those Bangalore-Kerala trips for the vacations
The venue: a random semi-sleeper bus with LOUD t.v.
The thing: I was making my way, to and fro, between those blurry states of sleep and wakefulness when I notice that there was a new tamil movie playing on said television. Hmmm... here's something new. I see the villain going around with his somehow uglier looking sidekick. What's this? It seems that baddy is looking to take a wife! And surprise of surprises! He is actually quite decent about it by going about visiting families and formally asking the girls' parents etcetera. I am wide awake due to this unusual turn in events and resolve to see this through. An hour later, the hero has not shown up and I am drifting to dream-world... when WHAM! I am feel this giant psychological whack on my head and suddenly realize that it was not the bad guy I was looking at this whole time but the hero! That's when my system finally shut's down early in the morning and I get back to my world of sweet, zipped z's.


Roshan R said...

haha.. so true. beware though... you dont wanna make em angry.. or else u'll get the good ol fashioned rajnikanth kicks... not even Jet Li and Jackie Chan can save ya then :)

Rejoy said...

someone wise had said "if u don't piss some people off, you are not doing it right" I think ur blog does the same in a wonderful way, what with all the disclaimers littered all over ur place :).