Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beating 'Bout the Bridge

So I get into the bus from the Kundanahalli Colony bus-stop on my way to Majestic. It stops at two more places before it reaches the K Gate. And then, it suddenly takes a U-turn. Maybe the driver had seen Speed , the movie, and had put it down as one of his New Year's Resolution. Some of the passengers panic at this turn of events but I keep myself calm as if this happened every day. After the bus reaches back to my stop, it goes ahead another kilometer and takes a left turn. That's when our brains sediment back from their cranial juices and we understand the reason for the detour. Its due to the construction work near Marathahalli Bridge, that the buses going towards the place from ITPL had to be routed in this kind of non-intuitive way.

But we don't get to keep our wits about for more then a minute since the bus is presented with the bumpity-bump-style road. We get shaken and stirred to the core but which is still second rate when compared to what happens in hindi movies when the hero's father is shot but still gets time to put down the villian's equally bad father/uncle while still sparing enough minutes to say goodbye to his whole joint family system before breathing his last. At the same time, we are presented with loads of dust which is blown directly into our faces and we quickly close the windows but not before we got ourselves enough of the sand dancing inside our respiratory system. The whole ride was tiresome enough to give me second thoughts of returning home and spending the day in peace and quiet. Give yourself a break, it is Saturday! Nope! I just had to go along and ride into the scorching-and-not-setting-anytime-soon yellow star called the Sun. The End

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