Thursday, December 28, 2006

Far Away, In a Distant Galaxy...

Its funny when you are grown up and old (like me, all bent and bed-ridden at 25 ;-), and you start reminiscing of the days when you were young and the times you used to spend with your siblings. Just today, I was browsing up "fantasy" in wikipedia and I stumble on this article on Visionaries. Its a science fantasy cartoon Rejy, Reni and I used to keep seeing when we were in our early teens. We had borrowed the video cassette (yes, those ancient 1" x 4" x 7 1/2" rectangle-like-cuboids) from our favorite cousins, Ashley and Asha (no orkut profile yet). They are related to us by the fact that both our mothers share the same mother (and father, ofcourse!). We never got around to returning it to them but we did utilize it to the max by watching it during days when the tv was showing some random shit (remember, this was before you ever heard of cable tv). Numerous repetitions of the thing resulted in the three of us memorizing the story word for word. During the summer, when it got real hot down there in the Sharjah Desert (or during long boring rides in the car), we used to wile away the time taking turns in reciting the dialogues. It was fun imitating the accent too, especially shouting out the magical powers of each of the character in the story. Here's the opening sequence of the cartoon for you to savor.

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