Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Of Men and Their Mice

While walking to the bus stop today, humming to meri kahani playing on my ipod-lookalike, i came across a guy peeing next to the wall. Since four years of exposure to this event have made me feel numb to anything remotely related to waste management on the streets, it would have resulted in yours truly walking by with out a second glance except that there was a kid perched on his shoulders and looking down at his father's act of manhood. Since i was trying to maintain my distance from this odd scene, i imagined the conversation that would have gone on between peeing dad and peeping son:

son: What are you doing, dad?
dad: the same thing you do early in the morning, son.
s: aren't u supposed to do it in the toilet?
d: but son, this is the great indian freedom similar to our right to vote, free speech and to hide our tax rupees from the collector.
s: but wouldn't the wall start to smell?
d: see son, this is also a symbolic gesture. We want to advertise to society that we are really men and we can do it standing up.
s: (takes out mobile phone, activates video cam and starts recording the "water gate" scandal)
d: what u doing son?
s: i just want to advertise this to the world on youtube.com, dad
d: (dad disappears faster than rajnikanth could flick the cigarette to his mouth)

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TurbulentTranquility said...

LOL... wish it'd happen more often in India! err.. the son's behavior - we got plenty of the Dad's behavior going around. And that's why all cities/towns should really have mirrors on all those sidewalls! Embarrassment should approach sooner then :D