Monday, March 12, 2007

What Are We About?

After spending time with Ajai yesterday, on what would have normally been a slow Sunday for me, it reminded and confirmed the fact again to me of how important goals are for living a fuller life. My friend's passion to fulfill a certain ambition of his was an inspiring testimony to just how we need that extra anchor in our lives besides having a family to love and good friends to cherish.

I guess the goal doesn't matter as long as it has a personal significance to your own yours truly and become what we want ourselves to be, on our own terms.

Makes it easier to jump out of bed, early in the morning too...

PS: While Ajai was making his "great escape" from Orkut, he forgot to rescue the testimonial I had written for him. So here it is, the upgraded version:

Ajai is Mr. .NET :-). He is very interested in programming and will write a lot of useful/useless applications in C# just for the fun of it. I remember him jumping up and down when he was trying out the new .NET development IDE of Visual Studio 2005.
When he was my neighbor, we used meet over at his residence on a regular basis to watch loads of Popeye, Richie Rich and Tom-and-Jerry shows if there was no Jackie Chan movie running :-)
We share a lot of similarities, one of which is the rare commonality that both of us won't have anything to do with cricket. "Run Ajai! They are picking up stones to throw at us!!!"


Shyma Shetty said...

Yup, I agree. In an age where we question everything, we all to find our reason to live.
To each his own!

Rejoy said...