Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its Time To Give A Damn

Sometimes, one of your friends/acquaintances gives you their inattention when you are talking to them(assuming that you are not speaking something obviously stupid ;). This happens due to one of the following reasons:

1. Something else is on their mind.
2. They are playing power games with you.
3. They think you below their "status"

You can make out its case (1), if he/she immediately apologizes and asks you to repeat what you were saying. The story continues and case closed. Case (2) means that he/she thinks that one way to enslave you is to make you crave for their attention. If they give less of it, you want it even more. And case (3) is similar to case (2) except that your supposed friend actually believes that you are not worth it. Here's the best way to handle 2 and 3: Ignore them for a change. This sends out the message that you too can be hard-to-get and you do not need to be with people who either give a damn or don't. And don't get hung up over it. Move on. Its time to get yourself real friends.

PS: The same can be said for people who want to get your money, stab you in the back, don't pick-up/return your phone calls, talk negative shit and leave you bleeding after you have been there for them, as long as you had known them. That's when you know that its time to tell them goodbye.


Prince Kazarelth said...

That was good. Informative, and true.
Hell, it's good to find someone blogging randomly! And good posts too.

Rejoy said...

hey! thanx

Arnab Pal said...

perfect dude ..

you have documented something that would be well go ahead and become a rule for me ...

im very very bad in finding out responses .. but hey .. this looks to be a good rule ..

by the way .. case 2 and 3 can be genarlized to love laws too :P

honestly, case 1 happens to me sometimes .. ppl telling me something and i thinking something else .. :P

Rejoy said...

good observation on the "love laws". In fact, the same advice works for that case too. Except that, in place of total ignorance, we may practice nonchalance. Good luck ;)