Sunday, November 02, 2008

mama's boy

So i was looking at a resume of one of my friend's friend and i was thinking to myself "the guy's got some nice work experience... hmmm... wait a frickin second..." and thats when i reached the hobbies section. And here it is in its full, copy-and-pasted, glory:

Hobbies: Surfing Internet, playing Cricket, Helping mother.

okay kid... its not like the rest of us don't give a hand once in a while... and i just can't help wondering: "what about dad?" ;-)


Shimmer said...

lol... i thot it was pretty sweet of him =)

Quakeboy said...

OOOOh good idea
Im copying it.. surely if theres lady recruiting I have better chances

Rejoy Panakkal said...

cho chweet and all... will give him that...

good luck on the job hunt ;)

TurbulentTranquility said...

Sure makes the resume standout :)