Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy International Women's Day

Its just a matter of time when you get to hear what people make of you and your ways. Its like chinese whispers but somehow these "whispers" reach you intact. So a few days back, I learn that some of my colleagues had some funny views on me talking to girls. Yeah, I am crazy you know since women come from another galaxy and its not normal for a guy (read Indian guy) to be able to strike up a conversation with women. Here's what I heard:

1. Guys green with jealousy: Of course, this was not explicitly said but it was obvious in the way they gave each other those significant looks when I walked by.
2. One guy comes up to me and throws me the "you only talk with girls" line: And I slowly look him up and down and ask myself "Is he trying to tell me that he has boobies too?"
3. My girl friends (not girlfriends) giving me the "hey Rejoy, go talk to them" dialogue when a young thing in skirt passes by: Hey! I don't have the time to chase every friggin model who sashays down the catwalk. Besides, I go by quality unlike the quantity of boyfriends in your mobile contact list :-P
4. That I was gay: Ha! And this from the guys who spend all their life hanging out only with other guys. Enough said.


gunj said...

dat was funny :P

Rejoy said...

get ur daily dose of laughter right here only for Rs 9.99

PS: daily, weekly, monthly, whenever wherever

Reni said...

hmmmm, don't swell wid pride big bro....

Rejoy said...

naah! i deserve this one and i will keep it that way