Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Mallu From The Middle East

The prerequisite to understanding this post is to read hem's "paean to the city of sharjah"... man! i wish i had more friends with whom i could get nostalgic over that city... here's some more comparisons w.r.t. my... er our sharjah:

First steps: check!

Fell in love in: check!
It was a one-way love: uncheck!

Malayali-run cafe's: check! and how come u r skinny while i grew to weigh the equivalent of a teenage elephant?

Exile in school: CHECK! damn desert ;)

Fire, quakes and explosions: nopes... must be just u then, hems

Alcohol: nopes again... i had to wait to get to bangalore to get the relevant experience

Mobile street: that reminds me of the street across the roundabout facing mega mall...

Censorship: grrrr!

Academic learning: yup... big check! and dad needed a big cheque too :)

Bachelors and underpaid laborers: sick and thats why we ran out of living near rolla square, i guess

Safety: this was an excellent feature... i loved it!

Platonic hugs: i was too huge to try it out there... hmmm... was this why mom and dad wanted me to remain horizonatally challenged?

Piercings: nopes

First job: does an internship count?

Accidents: one and only one and it just scratched the paint job on my car... the opposing party had to let us go since they couldnt find a dent on theirs

Vows: check! hell, i broke a lot of vows...

Languages: learnt hindi everytime i hanged around those urdu cab drivers... wish i had paid more attention to those arabic classes though

Tea and AC: hehe... i totally get this one

Photographs: egad! i dont ever wanna let anyone see my childhood photos... i look SOOO geeky

Running away: when i left, i never looked back but i keep returning to you... after all, it was you who made me the mallu-from-the-middle-east...


a-hem said...

Hehehe. The quakes, explosions and fires were relatively recent. All within the last 2.5 years

And yes, I was talking about the roundabout facing mega mall! Isn't it ridiculous?

:) Thanks for linking, btw.

Rejoy said...

too bad i missed the one earth shaking event down there...

yup on the ridiculous....

yup again...

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

>>>sobbb<<< nostalgic!!!

I wanna go back to shj!!

I miss that place...and I totally agree with all the checks n unchecks ;)!!


sampath said...

Movie Review: Nice innovation in direction and dialogues for this blog. Rejoy is honest and he tries to explain everything creatively. Must watch movie.

Rating: ****

A star is missing? tats becoz some scenes were cut by sensor board as it was not suited for normal viewers.

signing off
sampath :-)

Rejoy said...

ye gods be thanked,
for a fellow traveller has cared and deigned,
to share my nostalgic memories

review rating: ****
A star is missing? tats becoz he needs to get himself a blog to earn one ;)

Shimmer said...

ahhh sharjah.. the city ive come to love n hate in equal measures... gud read... tho i cnt wait to get outta this city ;)

- shimmer

Rejoy said...

U WILL! close ur eyes, wiggle ur toes and repeat after me: "I WILL fly past this desert and crash land any elsewhere (except saudi arabia maybe)"

Shimmer said...

well... i did land in Bangalore but crashed bak here... will be flyin bak next year hopefully to rot in the wretched city... i dunno wat ppl see in Bangalore?! *scratches head*

Roshan R said...

for me it was actually dubai.. but u know what.. the funny part is who i am, i actually became in kannur, of all places.. still, i miss Dubai a lot.. what u wrote brought back a lot of memories

Rejoy said...

u know us mallus, always hitting dubai/sharjah at least once in our damned tiny lives which r fraught with troubles and accents... u know? i always had a gut feeling that u were from somewhere round the gulf when i first came upon ur blog (nopes... i dont think i had any direct hints bout it on ur blog)

Reni said...

v lived in da lap of luxury there big bro...but cum off it...u can't buy da freedom u have in bangalore bak home(in shj)....n u kno it....

Rejoy said...

yeah.. its always a pros and cons situation no matter what the case... and i intend to exploit the pros to the hilt... :)