Saturday, September 15, 2007

Losing my...

beep! beep! and my mobile tells me that my axis bank account is recharged with the finances needed for the coming months. I never liked the name uti bank but even thats better than "axis" (for those not in the know, uti bank has changed their name to axis bank)... i am guessing that george bush's dig at the Iraq-Iran-N.Korea axis of evil was the source of inspiration. But i digress. Not really. I just tried to think up something to say so that i could "i digress" about somethin for the first time in my blog :P. So i think to myself, its time to cash in and go hunting for my debit card. Where is it, where is it... ooo debit card (musical lilt in my voice and a memory of cash registers going cha-chung in my ears)... and thats when it hits me: the damn thing's lost!!! Now, you might not know this but i am very particular about where i put my things (the phrase "a place for everything and everything in its place" comes to mind here) and due to this i rarely lose the stuff in my keeping, borrowed or otherwise. And to balance this God/Destiny/Fairy-Godmother/Coincidence given blessing, the All-Mischevious Loki/Fate/Entropy/Bloody-Watchamacallit makes mighty sure that if i ever lose anything it should follow the Law of Loses*:

"If there is ever a choice on what it is one should lose from a number of items (where n = 1 to infinity ;), it WILL be the one which costs more than the sum of the prices of all the rest added together"

Flash back to college days when i lost Dhs 500 (dirhams people, not the blessed-rupees... multiply it by 11 if u dont know foreign exchange) and dad was somehow not convinced that i had lost it due to my tendency to "borrow" a few coins now and then from the coin box on top of the refridgerator when i was a kid. And fast forward to Bangalore days where someone else borrowed not one but two of my nokia handsets while i used the public transport. It all just goes to show that even the most careful of us do get greasy fingers from time to time.

So, there i was now, debit card lost and rummaging through the bank manuals for a customer care number and when the damned leaflets refused to throw up any thing, went running a kilometer to the nearest browsing center to get it and call support to report that my debit card was lost. Phew! That was close. But then i was not overly concerned since before the money got credited to my account, the balance was a just a measly sum of Rs 80 and if any one had tried to use my card then, they would have gotten an "insufficient funds" message and i would like to take the opportunity to say "haha! gotcha pal" and give them the finger ;). Vengence is mine and boy, is it sweet! Mmm...

*Loses rhymes with Moses :)

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