Monday, August 06, 2007

The Journey So Far

i looked back on what was
And i realized that
now was not the end,
but just another would-be past

26 years... thats a lot of seconds in there. But then i dont feel comfortable thinking in seconds. They always seem to have the knack of slipping through my fingers when i am doing something... or maybe i am old enough to put on the "time flies fast" mindset. Well, as long as i dont spout those "in my days" lines, i think i'll do just fine.

So, what's the story so far, you ask? Time for a timely flashback:

Just Another "Boy Who Lived"
The tale starts with a kid born in sharjah and named Rejoy. There's a lot of stories revolving round the name given to me. The most official one, according to Dad is that, when i, his first born child, came into this world, i gave him joy again. After this sound explanation was given to me, i used to always wonder what was Dad's first occasion of happiness before i had happened. It was not until several years later that i realized that that must have happened exactly 9 months before i flew out the womb. You do the math :).

The Wonder Years
Most of my time in this category was devoted to what stories i could make up so that i could act them out with my toys. Major sources of inspiration were cartoons for the action elements and hindi movies for ideas on romance (i shudder even thinking of the latter. Remember, we are talking of times when mithun chakraborty was cavorting round trees).
And then , there were my sisters. Yeah, we used to fight a lot just like very many siblings. Rejy and me used to find some insane pleasure in scaring the shit out of Reni which would lead the youngest to screaming "MUMMY!!!" for divine intervention.
Other than that, I used to be a hungry little kid (I still am, but now there's that thing called self-control fortified with "what will girls think of me if i am nothing but a fat ass" syndrome). I use to eat and eat cause there was nothing else to do. And Mom used to enjoy keeping me satisfied. Add this to the fact that Reni was not a big fan of eating and i used to "help" her in eating her meals and you had a Big Boy in the making. Dad later told me that he and his family had suffered financially during his teenage years (when his father had passed away), and during those times, they would rarely get to eat. He had vowed then that it wouldn't happen to his own family.

School Ties
And thats how i transformed into hulk, without the super-dooper strenght and even cooler leaping-capacity, by the time i hit high school. Strangely, this never effected my social standing in school. I mean, my classmates and teachers loved me cause i was too nice and always right. My grades were never as high as in during those days. I even topped the charts... er 10th grade in my school. Life was good except for the -11 powered pair of glasses i had to lug around.
Around this time, i was also diagnosed with partial hearing loss (which would later turn out to be a recurring theme in my mind and the source of all my frustration to lead a normal life... the day i made my peace with this issue was when someone commented "the one thing I noticed about rejoy is that he gives you his undivided attention when you are speaking to him"... ha! finally! i totally kicked my ear's ass :P)

Rebel Without a Cause
And along came college, and... the typical rebellion phase. I labelled myself the black sheep of the family and started practicing debates with Dad and Mom, questioning their way of doing things and more importantly, their way of making me do things. When i got my driver's license, i used to literally drive my dad to desperation as i sped along the roads in sharjah on our mitsubishi pajero.
Studying suddenely became less important. I used to read up everything else except books on computer engineering on which i was doing my degree.
Luckily, my teenage angst never went so far as to making me pick-up smoking, boozing or drugs.
My friend Thomas made this ride a little easier. Thanx dude!
side note: at around this time, the lasik center in coimbatore did their bit in making my life easier by blasting laser into my eyes and giving me my eyes back. Thanks to dad for sponsoring this major life turning event. i remember the moment when dad saw me for the first time without glasses after this and told me that i looked like hritik now ;)... it was august the 15th that day and certain independence from the damned spectacles that have been weighing me down for almost a decade.

The Other Silicon Valley
After 23 years of sharjah, i got tired of the place and thought that a change of scenery would do me good. And there was the chance to enjoy the much dreamed about concept called independence. So, i came down to Bangalore looking for work. After a short stint at a call center, i moved into the software industry. Its been more than 3 years and i am still here trying to make the most of it.

The Moral of the Story
If i have to be honest with myself, i have a long way to go yet. There is this matter of career still having to lift off. But boy have i learned a LOT about life by just throwing myself out there. I learned about friendship: Denny, Naveen, Sampath, Sanal, Prakyath, Ajai, were few of the many chaps who made the process easier. Thanks fellas. Learned about falling in love, and getting up quickly after it :). Learned about money and expenses: theory's not enough for this one guys. Learned about patience: you need to go through the furnace to get even a drop's worth of tolerance but its worth it in the end. Learned about family: distance doesn't matter as long as you keep in touch. Learned about happiness: how its really a choice, even if a very hard one in the face of circumstances trying their best to make you frown. And that just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. And the moral of the story is: a very happy birthday to me (you deserve it, old guy :).

PS: seems like the number of messages in my orkut scrapbook peaked today (and a molehill of the same in facebook when compared with orkut's mountain). Thanks for the wishes guys. But then again, i can see the dangers of having lots of friends since i had to reply to each of them. ouch :)


Mahesh Kumar R said...

Rejoyy, Belated Birthday Wishes...I'm totally off from Orkut and facebook :) This time I’m not going to ask “Watz up” …here is the some of links talks about your interested area.Open Source events and tech stuffs a lot here..
Check out for 2007
Hope this is worth..
another MS guy..

Sunish said...

Wow!! An interesting story. All the best dude for your future. Hope this page will be updated with a whole lot of happy events in the coming years. (Of course it should be, as you are going the Open Source way) ;-) [And yeah, don't bother to reply me in case you are busy :P]

Roshan R said...

A Happy Birthday pal.. its true. life seems like such a long way to go yet, bt then again, dont u feel like u've come so far already. Imagine who you were 10 years back.. and now. I know Im not that roshan anymore.. probably never will be

tom said...


Vivek Chowdhary said...

Belated Happy B'day Rejoy. That was quite a read, and well written at that.
I can relate to how you feel. I'll keep you updated on how my job placement is going.. and the other thing as well.

Eddy said...

Rejoy, Many Happy Returns of the day for the yesterday's I missed till now. A wonderful read and well composed from day one till date. All I can say is "Yeah u did go thru a lot in life, faced situations, got to know family secrets and accomplished many things in life. Inspite of certain aspects of life that asks ur conscience why me and why my family and I went or had to go thru this. But that one magical thing happened is "Believing in urself and that immense faith that ur loving parents that had sacrificed many things for ur comfort in life, love and affection combined. As for now its Cheers for u mate and Peace to ur parents for giving birth to a loving friend and classmate named REJOY P. YOHANNAN.

Rejoy said...

yo! u are swell dude... thanx for being my i.t. guide in The City :)

thanx sunish... and yup, i have raised my expectations for what the Almighty is gonna do in my life from this moment on ;)

that is so true... we all change (and i sincerely pray that it will be for the better like in ur case :)... thanx doc

and here's my drift pal!.. and yeah, that's our motto, dude... come on everybody! lets all say it together: "Pump that juice..." ;)

sincerely awaiting good news from and for u, pal... thanx for the wishes, vivek

if my "the journey so far" post was a book, then ur comment is surely the review i would have included in my book's jacket :)... thanx for being there, eddy

Reni said...

yea big bro...i've sung da happy b'day lullaby already...dun't want u 2 go thru da torture yet again...n by da by u shud ve mentioned da fact dat u took me to my best frnd's b'day party in dat family pajero of our's when u n i very well knew i wasn't 2 go there 2 make up for da bad moments u n big sis gave me wen i was little...he he cheero!

sampath said...

Cool joey! its nice to look back at life once in a while and get some help from it to understand what's happening in our life. I am sure you have the right spirit and intellectual to achieve whatever you want in life. Believe in that and nothing else...
Your Moral of the story speaks a lot.
My wishes will be there for you always

Yours caring friend

Rejoy said...

yeah! i do remember some of the things i did to try making up for my guilty past :)... yup, cheers!

thanx for all those days we used to debate things out dude... its definitely, to be continued :)

Pravin said...

Hey Rejoy,

Sorry I missed your birthday (judging by the post, I'm assuming you haven't been hit by the nostalgia out of the blue)

Well, I hope it's a case of better late than never, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY (would do the same on facebook, but that'd look kinda stupid)

Hope you had a blast that day, and that alls well with you :)

Rejoy said...

belated wishes accepted dude ;)... thanx man