Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Height of Detachment

I don't know why but this slight form of fever (warmth in my head, a soft cough and the almost-anytime-body-ache-will-blossom feeling in my body) seems to trigger a detachment of a sort in my mind as if my pulsing thought and feel stream (including the love and\or lust feels) was only taking a tiny portion of the blackness in my brain and I am on instinct able to literally choose the ones which get converted to conversation and smalltalk. Its not necessarily a good or a bad mood but I kind of like it for its ability to say what is Right and carry a Ready Wit. More than that, I don't fear the slight rejections of people who are too busy or who don't give enough damn to talk to me. Its as if I have dropped the cloak of my insecurities and embraced who I have become and who I will turn out to be a long time later from now.The problem is to duplicate this "situation" such that I can call it on demand or, better than that, to be always this form of Rejoy in the hope of achieving a Satisfactory Happiness.Together, till death do us apart, my dear Aloofness. And to you too, my reader (Chilling Smile :-)


Arnab Pal said...

Wowwww ... Rejoy ..

Well written brother!

Simulation, as I always call it, is one of the masks that a generic human will cling to just in the prettention to be called something like 'matured' or 'polished' or 'rational' or ...

But does it really what humans are for .. I dont understand ...

Rejoy... if you have written this without any dash of wet vegetation then I think its you that have the courage to out-shout such a thing..

Arnab Pal said...

on a simpler note :D

I din't know that the joyful Rejoy gets angry as well ...

Or did u simulate :P ???

Rejoy said...

keep those feedback coming!

yes. we all wear masks. lately, i have come to accept the fact that doing so makes us more... lets put it this way: desirable :-)

but ofcourse, that doesn't mean we dont have to be honest to admit we do so. Some people might suggest that admitting it spoils the effect but then who are they fooling; they wear them too :-D

and ofcourse, be angry is a part of being human, i guess.

simply no simulation

Anonymous said...

Good joey! u have admitted that u can get angry. But rejoy does not look good when he gets angry.
So what u will do now? mask or again get angry again?
I was just joking but i dont mind if u take it seriously. :-)